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How Bluetooth Advertising Works

Bloozy operates using the internationally recognized and accepted Bluetooth™ data networking system.

The equipment operates in the Industrial, Medical and Scientific (IMS) radio transfer band at approx 2.45 Ghz and has been globally ratified for safe, interference free operation.

The Bloozy units operate with a Class 1 Bluetooth device which gives a theoretical range of 100m in free space.

When the Bloozy unit detects a Bluetooth enabled device in range, the details of the device such as the unique ID (MAC Address), user name of the device is logged into the database along with the date and time of the discovery.

Providing the discovered device satisfies the transmission criteria1, Bloozy will then attempt to deliver the Bloozy message to the device.

If the attempt is successful then Bloozy will register that the device successfully received the file and will then stop any further attempts of sending to the device for the Resend Elapsed Time Period2.

Should the device not accept the Bloozy message then the unit will continue to attempt to send to the device until the Maximum Attempts3 has been met with a Retry Delay4 between each attempt being set by the operator.

1. Transmission Criteria

These are the parameters that are set up by the system to determine whether or not the detected unit should have a transmission attempt made. They include:

OBEX Capable: Whether or not the unit is capable of receiving a OBEX Bluetooth message.

White-listed: If the owner of a device registers that they do not wish ever to be included by a Bloozy system a database of these devices will disallow the Bloozy unit to ever attempt to send to them.

Recently Received: If the device has only recently received a Bloozy message from this box

2. Resend Elapsed Time Period

The time period between possible attempts to send to a device again. This period has a minimum period of 6 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. This is primarily to stop the incessant sending of files to devices that have already been detected

3. Maximum Attempts

The maximum number of attempts after discovery of a device that the Bloozy unit will attempt to deliver the message, configurable to give the best chance of message delivery.

4. Retry Delay

The delay between attempts to deliver the message, configurable to give the best chance of message delivery.


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